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To start measuring, just download the app, enter the information about your orchard and start measuring.

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Take pictures of  the fruits using our easy-to-use app.

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View and share data about your orchard with partners and experts.
Artificial Intelligence

Prediction algorithm

After years of research and development, we bring you reliable predictions about your yield.

Our technology

Pixofarm achieves accurate results thanks to modern A.I. and image processing technology without expensive hardware costs for the user.

Artificial intelligence

enabling accurate fruit analisys



to maximize forecast accuracy


Noise resistant image processing

to realize precise measurement and user-friendliness

Frequently asked questions

  • Fruit sizing: the data about the fruit sizing are collected by taking pictures of a given number of fruits with a smartphone. When taking the picture, a sticker needs to be sticked on the fruit, as a reference point for an accurate measure.
  • Fruit count: fruits on a tree are counted by taking pictures of the whole tree. No reference point is required in this case.

Pixofarm doesn’t need any specific hardware, but a smartphone, where the app has been installed. For the fruit sizing, the Pixofarm stickers are needed and they are shipped to you by Pixofarm.

All the smartphones currently on the market have the minimum camera features for taking the pictures we need.

Please note that 5 to 8 years old smartphones, where it is not even possible to run the most common applications (e.g. WhatsApp or Facebook), might have some issues in supporting the Pixofarm app.

  • Monitoring: for the Monitoring package, Pixofarm doesn’t need any specific protocol and the user can define his own, based on his needs.


  • Forecasting: for the Forecasting package, Pixofarm needs, for 1-hectare plot, 20 pictures of fruits on 12 trees. Fruits have to be selected randomly at each measurement round over the whole plot and from different areas of the tree (i.e. top, bottom, right side, left side).
  • Monitoring package: in this case, Pixofarm doesn’t have any requirement. The user can define the number of fruits to monitor.


  • Forecasting package: according to the current Pixofarm protocol, for 1-hectare plot, we need to collect 20 pictures of fruits on 12 trees. Then, the bigger the plot, the lower the number of pictures.

As the Pixofarm technology is based on Machine Learning, the more rounds the users takes, the higher the accuracy of the results. Anyway, Pixofarm doesn’t have a strict rule regarding the number of measurement rounds during the season and can always provide high quality results.

The usual approach is to take between 4 and 6 measurement rounds throughout the season.

The results of the analysis are updated after each round and are displayed both on the app and on the Pixofarm online dashboard.

By “orchard”, we mean a plot where you have apple tree of the same variety and almost the same age.

Pixofarm is currently fully functional on apples, but new fruits are in the pipeline.
Stay tuned!

Our current version of the algorithm takes into consideration the variety of apple, specific characteristics of the analyzed plot and the location.

The data are owned by the user and are not sold or shared with third parties. You can get more information at the following links:

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