Pixofarm’s fruit counting feature went live

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With season start in the southern hemisphere Pixofarm presents its new feature that allows growers to count fruits in their orchards simply by taking pictures of trees with their smartphone. The AI detects the fruits in the picture and after a quick calibration calculates the total number of fruits in the block. Combined with Pixofarm’s fruit measuring tool and yield prediction algorithm, the new fruit counting feature provides precise forecasts on harvest volume and fruit sizes for users.

The importance of cost & time efficient fruit counting

Getting an accurate fruit count for all their crops at a reasonable time investment is what growers of all types and species of fruits are after. Until now this was a tedious task done by hand on sheets of paper or in spreadsheets. Human error and working hours cut down on the potential gain in efficiency and plannability from fruit counting activities when deploying old-school methods.


Growers use fruit counts for rough harvest estimates, planning of thinning applications as well measuring the immediate impact of natural thinning events and fruit drop on production volume. 

The role of precision agriculture & AgTech in fruit counting

With modern image processing, AI and machine learning technologies Pixofarm can provide a digital state-of-the-art solution that is a monumental improvement on outdated and manual approaches that are currently still prevalent in the space.


Artificial intelligence can detect and count fruits with astonishing accuracy and convenience for the user while being accessible just via their smartphone. 

About Pixofarm: Pixofarm is a digital solution, which empowers fruit producers worldwide to optimize their harvest, use resources efficiently and get the most out of their orchards by providing reliable yield monitoring and forecast data.

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