Pixofarm builds a strong presence in South Africa over 2020

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Taking the advantage of being a digital solution, at Pixofarm we have always aimed to make our advanced products available all over the world, which helps us in understanding clearly specific needs of different regions and in improving the product.

With its +20.000 ha of apple orchards (source:http://www.fao.org/), South Africa is an important market. Therefore, we decided to partner up with Blue North Sustainability, a sustainability-driven advisory company based in Stellenbosch, who are now our implementation partners in the South African region. This enables us to bring our customer service closer to the users, having it not only remote but also in the field.

Want to learn how to become a local partner?

About Pixofarm: Pixofarm is a digital solution, which empowers fruit producers worldwide to optimize their harvest, use resources efficiently and get the most out of their orchards by providing reliable yield monitoring and forecast data.

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