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Federica Succio

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With her experience and expertise in the digitization of fruit growing and the optimization of fruit growth processes, Federica is the right contact person to combine fruit growing expertise with the technologies of the 21st century.

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08.09.2021. 08h CET

08.09.2021. 17h CET

29.07.2021. 17h CET

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Bring apple farming into the future


Produce sustainably


Save time and resources



Do you know how many apples
you are going to harvest?

Easily count the apples in your orchard

Do you know how big your
apples are going to be?

Measure the size of your apples and growth rate

Know what you are going to harvest

Estimate yield and size class distribution with our predictive algorithm

Plan your operations weeks in advance

Plan your operations based on our accurate forecast


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9 Agriculture innovation trends in 2021

Digitization, Internet of Things and sustainability – these three megatrends are guiding many industries since more than a couple of years, and we would maybe not link them to fruit growing right away. Nevertheless, technologies and sensitivity to “green” matters are more growing in interest for the agriculture sector than you might have thought.

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Manage your apple farm with accurate data and increase revenue by 35%

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