AgTech Startup Pixofarm goes global

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Successful pilots during the season in northern hemisphere spark interest in the south

Pixofarm’s precision farming solution gains traction among producers in Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand after European clients report successful use of the app in their orchards.

Pixofarm uses artificial intelligence to successfully digitalize fruit counting and fruit size measurement processes with a smartphone application. This unique approach defines a whole new category for fruit yield monitoring and sets Pixofarm apart from both the traditional way of manually counting and measuring fruits, as well as from the expensive and not easily accessible fully automated solutions.

“Growers are clearly looking for a smart and flexible approach in this area,” says Farid Edrisian, CEO at Pixofarm. “there is no reason to still count and measure fruits manually, when growers can have all the benefits of a smart solution immediately on their own smartphones.”


Features and benefits of Pixofarm include:

  • Monitoring fruit growth and fruit count to help growers take appropriate
  • measures and use resources more efficiently
  • Getting reliable forecasts on size class distribution and total harvest volume weeks in advance
  • Increased plannability and efficiency of operational activities like packaging, logistics as well as marketing and sales
  • Online dashboard allowing organizations manage their orchards easily
    100% flexibility and accessibility of the solution for every grower worldwide
  • Cost-effective with no limitations on time and number of measurements

About Pixofarm: Pixofarm is a digital solution, which empowers fruit producers worldwide to optimize their harvest, use resources efficiently and get the most out of their orchards by providing reliable yield monitoring and forecast data.

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