9 Agriculture innovation trends in 2021

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Digitization, Internet of Things and sustainability – these three megatrends are guiding many industries since more than a couple of years, and we would maybe not link them to fruit growing right away. Nevertheless, technologies and sensitivity to “green” matters are more growing in interest for the agriculture sector than you might have thought.

We have identtified nine trends which were linked to the megatrends digitization, IoT and sustainability that, are going to shape the branch in the upcoming years:
  1. Software-as-a-service solutions for orchard management
  2. Yield monitoring and estimation
  3. Farm management platforms
  4. Utilization of drones
  5. IoTs in farming
  6. Smart agriculture machines
  7. Water management
  8. Packaging
  9. Eco-friendly plant production products

Megatrends in Agriculture

Trend distribution in agriculture innovation.
Analyzing the startup scene in this branch we see that by far the most technical developments were made in the Robotics and IoT sector, working on new solutions with drones, sensors and smart agriculture machines. 40% of the founders invented solutions to digitize the farmer’s life, by delivering holistic management platforms and monitoring systems. Sustainability is the guiding principle for 11% percent of the young companies, and we see innovative developments especially in water management, packaging and eco-friendly products.

Where do the innovation solutions come from?

Most of the startups (over 90%) who brought up new solutions in the agricultural/apple sector come from Europe. Especially in France (16%) , Germany (15%) and Italy (13%) we saw a lot of movements and innovative solutions.
The countries of origin of the innovative solutions.
After this look at the main innovation trends in agriculture, we can state that this sector is definitely going to break the old cliché of having a mostly traditional approach; In fact, this sector is going to develop incredible technical innovations. The megatrends digitization, robotics and IoTs and sustainability have arrived in the daily lives of farmers and will support them in various scenarios. We are keen to follow the further developments of the previously described trends and very curious, what technologies have in store in the next years.

Find out in more detail who are the hottest companies in their respective sectors:


Internet of Things and Robotics



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