9 Agriculture innovation trends in 2021

Digitization, Internet of Things and sustainability – these three megatrends are guiding many industries since more than a couple of years, and we would maybe not link them to fruit growing right away. Nevertheless, technologies and sensitivity to “green” matters are more growing in interest for the agriculture sector than you might have thought. We […]

Sustainability startups in agriculture​

Sustainability is one of the megatrends shaping our lives and so it does for agriculture: The sector is by nature aligned with this approach and we see many solutions on the market that are trying to make fruit growing greener and more sustainable. There are many environmental and socio-economical aspects that influence our sector of […]

Robotics and Internet of Things in Agriculture

Our houses, cars and objects of daily use are becoming our best friends: they measure, detect, and collect data about what we are doing and what is happening around us. By analyzing these data points, they are able to give us back valuable information to increase the quality of our life. Thanks to recent innovative […]

Digitalization in the fruit growing sector

Growers’ experience is a powerful source of knowledge to efficiently manage orchards and get good results out of them. Nevertheless, current specific circumstances, as more unstable climate conditions and stricter requirements of the market, are rising the need of higher accuracy in orchard analysis and more efficient decision-making processes. The technology industry is quickly reacting […]